Voted “Best of Berks” eight years in a row!

“Dr. Shah was great! The surgery was quick and painless, and the doctor and his staff made it a pleasant experience. I am extremely pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend this procedure to others.”

- Howard T. | Cataract Patient

“I have had Dr. Primack as my Eye Cornea Specialist since 2012 and I have the highest regard for his skills, experience and as a person. He has been the perfect professional and person in my experience.”

“Dr. Barry put me at ease from the first visit. Since having my PRK and Lasik procedure performed at Eye Consultants it was nice to have a Dr in the same practice to further assist me with resolving some ongoing eye issues. Dr. Barry explained in detail what he found during the exam and the course of action needed in my situation. Would I recommend him to others, absolutely!!”

“Very professional. Listens to me. Explains procedure to me using his own drawn pictures of the eye. Very kind. I feel very lucky to have him as my doctor. He [Dr. Nemani] is an expert in glaucoma.”

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Doctor Reviews

Lasik Reviews

Adam J. Altman, MD

Cindy | Lasik patient

Patty | Lasik patient

Steve | Lasik patient

Jason | Lasik patient

Marc | Lasik patient

Matt | Lasik patient

After years of thinking about it, I finally got LASIK done with Dr. Altman. Words can’t express how happy I am with the outcome and the entire experience. Dr. Altman and his staff spent time answering my many questions and making sure I was prepared for the procedure. On the day of my LASIK Dr. Altman could tell I looked terrified; and he talked to me throughout the entire procedure to let me know that I was doing well. The entire procedure was done in minutes. I wish I would have gotten this done years ago! Thank you to Dr. Altman and his entire team for an exceptional experience! Highly, highly recommend! (Especially if you’re a scaredy cat like me!!

Nicole A.

I had Lasik on both eyes with Dr. Altman in May. I had done months of research on Lasik providers within 50 miles and scoured their reviews. I ultimately chose Dr. Altman and am so glad that I did! He is incredibly knowledgeable and willingly explains all aspects of the testing done preoperatively as well as the procedure process. On the day of surgery, Dr. Altman made sure to walk me through each step before getting started. The whole procedure took almost no time at all and I experienced minimal pain - if any! It was more just pressure and some burning which was gone after 3-4 hours. Dr. Altman and his team were wonderful to consult with and made me feel comfortable and provided me with all the education needed throughout the whole process, from preop exams to follow up. I couldn't be more thankful to Dr. Altman and his team! I have just about 20/15 vision now and it's great to wake up and see!

Keelia M.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Altman, his staff and Laser Vision Correction. They explained everything to me in clear detail and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I cannot believe the results turned out so amazing! I have recommended this procedure to all of my friends!

Danielle, M.

My experience with Dr. Altman and his staff has been fantastic. I appreciated how each step of the process was thoroughly explained, and Dr. Altman was extremely personable to make me feel calm, relaxed and confident during the actual procedure. My experience couldn’t have been better, and I am 100% pleased with my choice and the results of my procedure.

Lori B.

The fact that my dad has been an eye doctor in Berks County for 30 years and his choice in surgeons was Dr. Altman says it all. The results were fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Altman.

Mallory M.

Throughout the entire LASIK process, from my free consultation to my follow-up appointments after the procedure, Dr. Altman has genuinely cared about my vision and concerns. He is extremely well educated on laser vision correction and was always able to answer all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Altman to everyone considering laser vision correction. If I had to go through the process all over again, I would definitely go to Dr. Altman.

Samantha G.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Altman and his group. They are all consummate professionals who do great work. The procedure itself was quick and painless, and I immediately had 20-15 vision. I would recommend Dr. Altman and his team to anyone considering Laser Vision Correction.

Robert T.

Patient reviews shown above are excerpted from the original. The actual, handwritten patient reviews are available at the Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania Wyomissing office.

Jonathan D. Primack, MD

Amy | Lasik patient

Kallie | Lasik patient

Kelly | Lasik patient

Renee | Lasik patient

Jared | Lasik patient

Lindsay | Lasik patient

I am very satisfied with my LASIK procedure. Dr. Primack and his staff were with me every step of the way and answered all of my questions…Having LASIK surgery with Dr. Primack was one of the best decisions I have ever made…Thank you so much, Dr. Primack and everyone at Eye Consultants.

Elizabeth M.

I can’t say enough good things about my PRK experience and the people who work there. From my initial consultation to my follow-up visits, everything has been great. My vision gets better every day. Dr. Primack is brilliant, and I’m happy I did this. I was nervous, but the staff made me comfortable. Thank you all!

Lori B.

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Primack. During my pre-op appointment, he thoroughly went over procedures and risks and answered all of my questions. The staff was very nice the day I came in for surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Primack explained everything to me before each step in the procedure. I still hear from Dr. Primack, checking in to see how I’m doing, even 3 months after surgery. Overall, I had a great experience with little stress involved. I would highly recommend Dr. Primack and his staff.

Holly M.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so happy I picked Dr. Primack and staff for my eye surgery. Even though I was scared, everyone made me feel at ease. The staff is just amazing and caring. Thank you again.

Shruti P.

Dr. Primack is one of the most personable people I’ve ever dealt with. He’s thorough, open, informative and caring and always give reassurance before, during and after your treatment. I knew upon our first meeting that he was the best choice for my LASIK procedure…Five stars and five hugs to Dr. Primack.

Lisa Ann S.

Patient reviews shown above are excerpted from the original. The actual, handwritten patient reviews are available at the Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania Wyomissing office.